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Reasons to Consider a Villa for Your Next Vacation

Photos Courtesy of Villas of Distinction

This villa in Miami Florida sleeps 12 and has 6 bedrooms. Prices start at $7,800 a night and a 2-night minimum. Some restrictions apply. Contact AJ! at As You Wish Luxury Travel for more information.

Why Vacation in a Luxury Villa?

Private villas have reshaped our holiday experiences. They provide conveniences and luxury options not provided for by typical hotel accommodations. Many travelers, however, are quick to assume that villa holidays are out of their reach, and in this article, we will highlight why you should book a villa for your next vacation!

Complete Exclusivity

Private villas are often secluded from big tourist crowds. You and your party will enjoy the exclusivity and privacy offered by these properties. Additionally, all the facilities provided for by your villa will only be accessible to you and your family and friends. Unless otherwise noted, this includes the pool, the spa, the bar, and other areas of recreation. This is the perfect set-up for you and your guests as you do not have to plan your activities around other people’s bookings.

Photos Courtesy of Villa of Distinction

This villa in Maui, Hawaii sits inside Wailea Beach Villa resort setting. It sleeps 8 and has 3 bedrooms. Prices start at $1,895 a night and include a nice list of amenities. Restrictions apply. Contact AJ! at As You Wish Luxury Travel for more information.

Personalized service

Planning a vacation is often stressful, especially when planning a group vacation. You will need to be considerate of other people’s unique situations. Renting out a private villa will make it easier to plan around your guests’ needs. For an additional cost, you can hire personal chefs that create meals according to your preference. Staff members are only catering to your group, so they can make any necessary adjustments without inconveniencing other people. They will tailor-fit their service according to your needs.

Photos Courtesy of Villas of Distinction

This family villa in Orlando Florida sits inside the Reunion Resort community. This villa sleeps 22 and has 9 bedrooms. Prices start at $1,950 a night and include a great list of amenities. This prestigious property enjoys a prime location in the fabulous Reunion Resort and presents nine amazing bedrooms and unprecedented entertainment features. This mansion which sleeps up to 22 people is only 12 minutes from Walt Disney World. It is complete with a bowling alley, racquetball court, private gymnasium (indoor racquetball basketball) a game room, home theatre, and a Turkish bath. Restrictions apply. Contact AJ! at As You Wish Luxury Travel for more information.

Family Friendly

Do you find traveling with children stressful, then renting out a private villa may be what you need. Consider a private villa a home away from home. You can have your barbeque while the kids play in the garden area. You can plan their meals at your own pace and without the rush of having to keep to a hotel’s schedule. Combining luxury with a homey ambiance, you can enjoy state-of-the-art facilities and scenic surroundings while still maintaining comfort.

Photos Courtesy of Villas of Distinction

This villa is in Montego Bay, Jamaica. All Jamaica villas come with a full staff. This particular villa includes (in the price): butler, chef, housekeeper, gardeners, and a laundress. It sleeps 12 and has 5 bedrooms. Prices start at $1,079 a night. Restrictions apply. Contact AJ! at As You Wish Luxury Travel for more information.


You probably thought renting out a luxury villa will drain your pocket. However, this is not true. Villa stays are geared towards groups and this makes the cost ultimately cheaper per person. Remember to get as many friends and family members on board to fill up all the available bedrooms for this to be effective.

Finding a suitable luxury villa that will cater to your specific needs can be complicated. At As You Wish Luxury Travel, we have access to the best villas in California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, New York, Nevada, Utah, and many, many others outside the U.S. We will be able to organize your holiday according to you and your guests’ tastes. You work hard but shouldn’t have to when planning your next vacation. Why not hand over the logistics of planning your vacation with our team and spend more time connecting with your family and friends. Contact AJ! Clonts for more information at 440-965-6868 or email at AJ@asyouwishluxurytravel.com



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